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Top 10 Things To Do Before 

 Placing Your Home on the Market 

1. Start early and be strategic.

2. For buyers, be realistic with your budget - set it and stick to it! First-time home buyers are more likely to exceed their budget than repeat buyers (39% versus 26%).

3. Get your financing squared away early. Plan to meet with a few lenders 4-6 months ahead of when you're planing to buy in order to ensure you can make a competitive offer quickly when you find your dream home!

4. Communication is key! Make sure your preferred method and frequency matches that of your escrow agent or broker. 

5. For sellers, pay attention to your online curb appeal. Majority of buyers begin their search online! Zillow offers video walk-through's to make it easier for sellers and buyers to view home features that are difficult to capture in photos.

6. For sellers, note that home improvements can be a worthwhile investment. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, and put things in storage if you have numerous belongings. This will make the rooms appear larger and brighter.  Make small fixes: Repair drippy faucets, replace faulty knobs and door handles, attend to squeaky doors and cabinets, and clean the windows.

7. Don't try to time the market!  Trying to anticipate the perfect time will cause buyers and sellers to miss fantastic opportunities!

8. Don't be afraid to try again! 

9.Stalk the neighborhood! Before you buy or sell, become familiar with your neighborhood; Know your market and what other homes have sold for recently. When buying, become familiar with the neighborhood, school district, and local community.

10. Keep your options open. Westside Escrow may have suggestions for selling and buying a home that could improve the outcome.